Effective Marketing

The best way to know whether a company’s marketing was successful or not is to have a look inside your own house and ask questions about what you find. What brands can you see, why did you buy them, do you buy that brand frequently, would you say its your favourite, etc.

I took a look around my house, and I noticed one thing that comes back enormously in comparison to anything else – Monte Marte art supplies. There are stacks of art diaries, pencil tins, sharpeners. I still have the first thing I can remember owning, which is a big tin of watercolour pencils, and which was a gift from a relative when I was a kid. And I think I keep coming back and buying this stuff over again because it’s good quality, but it’s also pretty inexpensive? Art supplies usually cost an arm and a leg and you have to keep buying most it because it always runs out eventually. Obviously because of the way other brands talk about themselves, I want to buy them because they always talk about how much better they are, but they cost a lot. So I’m not sure if I would really call this brand loyalty, considering the fact that if I had the money I would probably be buying different products. Monte Marte doesn’t seem to talk itself up as much as others do, I guess because it doesn’t have a huge price tag that it needs to justify.

Here’s a photo of all the Monte Marte related art supplies from off my desk, there are more in boxes somewhere.


This is really all I’ve found in terms of what brands I keep coming back to. It’s just easy stuff to get, and for a person who doesn’t have a lot of extra cash to be spending that’s pretty ideal. I have been able to create some nice work with this brand in the past, too, namely my final piece for the HSC in 2014, so I think my opinion of the brand was solidified at that point. I threw in a few pictures from that project just for kicks. My art has changed a lot since high school visual arts.

park_junsu_by_anaecookie-d76cxjo (1)park_bom_coloured_by_anaecookie-d773c5a

I drew about 15 of these in total, I think? My mum kept most of them, so they’re at her house. Anyway, moving on.

After another quick look around to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I found a lot of stuff in the pantry from that brand of Asian groceries, Pandaroo. It’s good stuff, but it’s also usually the only stuff available unless you go to a proper Asian store. I don’t know if this counts, either. It seems like a lot of the time I am more inclined to settle for things than go out of my way to have a certain brand. Things like that don’t matter as much to me. And that makes me wonder how someone would go about marketing their product to someone like me, who isn’t that fussed about bells and whistles.



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