Creative practices

For this trimester at uni, I have had to teach myself a few new skills in order to finish projects to a standard that I want to see. Using the pattern tool for example, is a small but useful piece of knowledge that I have become more confident with. I have learnt how to make effective repeating patterns and hence can finally look into making my own original fabrics (I’ve been interested in this since Studio 1). The website is one I found for printing fabrics, they offer just about every type on earth. Because I know lots of people personally who are into making clothes and things at home, it will be good if I can use the skills I have now to be a part of that and original one-off fabrics could make for good Christmas presents. One of my favourite parts about graphic design is that it can be applied to my personal life in so many ways.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt this trimester would have to be video editing. The only experience I’ve had with this at all in life was in year 8 when I took a film class at high school and they taught us basic skills in Adobe Premier Elements. I can’t remember a single thing from that class except for the fact that the video cameras we had were red. So this was going to be a process for me.

There was also the time frame getting in the way. If I had left the right amount of time, I could have asked someone who knew what they were doing to do it for me, and that would have been great. Alas, I’m stuck learning things myself at the last minute. I may have improved on planning, but not too much evidently.

Anyway, onto the subject of that actual editing process. I used Sony Vegas Pro for this, it’s a $400 program but it offered a free trial and after reading a lot of blogs that recommended it, I thought why not? It turned out to be really easy to use, most things were a matter of click and drag or hitting one letter on the keyboard. The end result is not anything flash, but I’m proud of what I achieved considering my lack of experience with videos.

A few weeks ago I was very nervous about the ad, not knowing how it was going to work. But now I know I had no reason to be nervous. This part of the project was definitely something outside my comfort bubble, but now I am glad to have taken the leap. Maybe before the trial period on Vegas Pro ends, I’ll make more lame little videos over the trimester break.

I think the most important thing I learned was a soft skill, in trying new things. You don’t know something won’t work until you give it a go. Overall I really enjoyed this part of the project and I actually regret not making it sooner. If I could do this trimester again, I would probably still make the ad myself, but give more time and make a longer and more complex video.


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