Fun with Timelines

Studio 3 has been one of the first classes I have made an actual timeline for. I used to create one, because it can be used to mark down multiple projects on one schedule, as well as doubling as a gantt chart when you want it to. Here is the timeline I made:

teamweek timeline

The green is final project for CIU212, and the orange represents Studio 3. It’s all pretty condensed into the space of 4 weeks, but the reality was that it all took much longer than that. I think, for someone who is not used to using schedules and timelines, I probably asked for too much.

Before I’m able to get such a huge stack of work done in a short time, schedules need to be a comfortable thing for me and currently they just aren’t. That’s not a good thing, so I will work with them more often in the future, even outside of uni, to try and get myself into the rhythm of using a timeline and giving myself deadlines and sticking to them.

Given that if I’d stuck to this timeline exactly, I would have finished everything on it by at least week 11 (leaving room for filming the ad professionally like I originally planned). That was the original plan, to still have 2 weeks left to finalise everything right at the end. Obviously, this was not the case, I am still working on bits and pieces everywhere. This is a strike against my time management skills, but I think it’s also evident that I can adapt to stuff pretty well when I need to. The course of the timeline changed every day and for the most part I just tried to roll with it.


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