Working as a Team

In this trimester, I only worked in a team once, and this was for a short stint on a project with them. It was for Gone Crab, the video game, and I only spoke with the project leader. Thankfully for this trimester, I didn’t feel that developing teamwork skills needed a lot of focus as that is something I have learnt in past terms. One thing I can say about this trimester in terms of teamwork was I did learn to negotiate and compromise much better.

Because the project was very last minute, I was asked to do a rush job for the assets they wanted me to create. Really, really rushed, as in “right now please”. My confidence in working under pressure is lacking, so immediately I was worried about the project. I negotiated with the team leader to have something to show him by that same evening, and final products by the end of the week. We agreed on this and I stuck to my word, the font for the logo was picked by the end of the night, and I ended up actually coming out with the finished logo for the game a day early. This left more time to do the user interface (UI) images.

It was a really short project for me, as I wasn’t even on the team for two weeks (it was a week and a half, tops). But I still came away with something to write in this blog so that has to count for something. In the future, the structure of projects like this one will probably be different and hopefully less rushed, but knowing where to draw the line and make compromises to suit everyone will be really useful because there is always going to be a bit of a gap in understanding between different industries, and it sometimes goes unnoticed when we might be asking too much of each other.


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