Liquids and Stuff

That name for the cocktail book was originally a placeholder on the mockup front cover I made like 3 months ago, but it’s growing on us so we might just use it anyway.

This past weekend, for the third one in a row, I hired out a whole bunch of equipment in the hopes that I would be able to finally get some pictures done for this recipe book. It hasn’t really been a long road, just annoying, but I managed to trial and error it until it did work and yes. We have pictures to work with that are both relevant AND actually good all at once.

With a camera, two lenses, a tripod, three external flash lights, a sheet music stand, a couple of microphone stands, a fitted sheet, some cardboard, a detachable shelf, some plastic bags, and some questionable amounts of guava-flavoured Rockstar, an attempt was made. I got about 200 photos out of it, which sounds like heaps, but I will need a lot more before I have everything I need.

Figuring out the setting took quite a while. To begin with, the last person to use the camera had fiddled with the settings on it and every picture was coming out with a weird blue tint.

drinks setup 1

It took ages to figure out what was wrong with it. Someone had set the colour balance to “custom” and then somehow made custom mean blue. Oh well. I set it to auto and it worked fine after that, it was frustrating to be filtering through all the settings trying to find which one was fucking up all my shit.

Here’s what went down once the colour balance was working out again;

Enthralling. The adventures of some bits of cardboard bought from Spotlight and me learning new things about colour theory and reflective surfaces. Fun! Finally, I decided to move from bits of carboard on the kitchen bench to bits of cardboard on the table. Here is the next thrilling installment, this time with me having figured out that a glass of plain liquid was B O R I N G. And also just about every picture I saw on the internet after typing in “cocktail photography” on Google Images, had some sort of nod to the ingredients as a background so I went ay let’s work with that and starting cutting up fruit and propping it up on boards and shit. I do not own an attractive chopping board. But those are, apparently, a thing. Generally I don’t buy chopping boards for their aesthetic value. The wooden piece you see is actually a shelf, and it looks acceptable.

This drink is called the fruit salad. It’s very tasty. It will get you tipsy, fast, because you want to drink lots of them because it tastes so nice. It is a dangerous liquid. Beware this drink that will get you very lit very quickly.

Anyway. Eventually some really nice photos started coming out of it. Below is one of my favourites from the Fruit Salad’s modelling stint.

fruit salad final setup

There’s a big crack in that slice of kiwi fruit. Whoops. Oh well, Photoshop is my friend…I need to use it anyway for the big wrinkles in the sheet that I swear was ironed like 6 times and just wouldn’t be flat. Aside from this one I have a few hundred photos to sort through and edit and the upcoming week will see more pictures taken and book pages put together. Progress should run more smoothly now that I’ve worked out my shit.




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